WSJ – Tech’s Fiercest Rivalry: Uber vs. Lyft

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Picture of Uber LogoIn the WSJ’s continuing excellent coverage of on-demand technology in the sharing economy, ‘Tech’s Fiercest Rivalry:  Uber vs. Lyft’ by Douglas MacMillan is well worth reading.

Capturing the opportunity for the winner of this extreme rivalry, Benchmark’s Bill Gurley, a member of Uber’s Board remarked, “organizing demand is remarkably hard and extremely powerful.”  “Being installed on someone’s iPhone on the home page is a pretty sticky place to be.”

Their competition reflects a clash of the best minds in technology – on pricing, recruiting drivers, innovations (such as car pooling), regulatory issues and more.  The extent of their rivalry is captured in a CNN Money Article – ‘Uber’s dirty tricks quantified: Rival counts 5,560 canceled rides‘.

WSJ Graphic - Uber vs. Lyft

Source: Wall Street Journal

Companies such as Uber, Lyft, Sidecar and others have dreamed up new segmentations (e.g. UberX, fare-splitting, etc.) that are expanding the market for transportation services.  ‘Tech’s Fiercest Rivalry: Uber vs. Lyft’ captures a rare, real-time battle of two disruptors looking to capture a very lucrative market.

To read the full article on the Wall Street Journal web site, click here.

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