WSJ – Tech Firm’s Most Wanted – Big Data Scientist and Big Data’s High Priests of Algorithms

Logo-for-the-Wall-Street-JournalThe August 9-10 2014 WSJ featured an excellent article – ‘Tech Firms’ Most Wanted:  Big-Data Scientist and ‘Big Data’s High Priests of Algorithms’ by journalist Elizabeth Dwoskin.

The article highlights the demand for a new skill set that has emerged from monetizing Big Data (the preponderance of data that has emerged from clicks, wearables, telematics, etc.) and predictive analytics from “retailers, banks, heavy-equipment makers” and more.

“”People call them unicorns” because the combination of skills required is so rare,” notes Jonathan Goldman, quoted in the article.  Notably, Mr. Goldman “developed the “People You May Know” button, which five years later drove more than half of the invitations on the professional networking platform.”

While marketers have been used segmentation analysis for years and a variety of data enrichment tools, Big Data enables a vast expansion of more finite segmentations to not only predict behavior, but to engineer specific customer retention models and experiences.  As an interesting corollary, academics and professionals have begun to wonder –  ‘Is Big Data Spreading Inequality‘ in a recent New York Times Article.

The article features interesting insights from LinkedIn, Etsy, Square Inc., Yelp, and OKCupid (IAC / InterActiveCorp.).  Moreover, it sheds light on the “Insight Data Science Fellows Program, which helps funnel doctoral candidates from fields like astrophysics, neuroscience and math into the profession”.

If your company is seeking to expand its insights on recruiting Data Scientists, this article is well worth reading.

To read the full article on the Wall Street Journal web site, click here.

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