WSJ – How to Use Tech Like a Teenager


Very interesting Wall Street Journal feature on ‘How to Use Tech Like a Teenager’.  The article highlights a generation that has grown up with smartphones vs. landlines, social networks vs. offline activities, traditional marketing segmentations vs. infinite customization via Big Data & predictive analytics.

WSJ Journalist, Geoffrey Fowler, does and excellent job providing insights on why teens use SnapChat, why they don’t use email as their predominant communication, the role of Facebook vs. Twitter with their different social networks, how teens protect their privacy, and why online multi-players games have been successful.

As predictive analytics and Big Data are increasingly employed by businesses, one can envision a customer base that is increasingly satisfied by the user experience that is uniquely tailored to them.

The article is interesting in that it exposes insights about a segmentation that will increasingly act with schools, businesses and our government – online exclusively.  And moreover, provides nuggets about why companies like Uber, Air BnB and other on-demand marketplaces have garnered so much traction with young adults, and successive generations.

To read the full article on the Wall Street Journal web site, click here.

By Nick Mavrick

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