WSJ – ‘Growth Hacking’ Helps Startups Boost Their Users

Logo-for-the-Wall-Street-JournalInteresting article in Thursday’s WSJ on ”Growth Hacking’ Helps Startups Boost Their Users’.  The article is worth reading as it captures the clever tactics of several companies – combining “marketing and coding that’s intended to sharply increase a nascent business’s user base.”  The growth hacking strategies from companies including AirBnB, Dropbox and Facebook are noted for helping to drive their significant valuations.

Journalists Sarah Needleman and Khadeeja Safdar capture how “self-described growth hackers use data-driven experiments and online tactics that range from encouraging existing users to provide access to their email address books and social networks to tinkering with creative website design.”  Moreover, they note that “after figuring out which tactics bring in the most new users, they seek to automate those strategies, often saving money and time.”

To read the full article on the Wall Street Journal’s web site, click here.

By Nick Mavrick

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