WSJ – Getting More Than Just Words in a Google Search Result

Google LogoExcellent WSJ article that provides profound insight into Google’s progress over the last decade  ‘Getting More Than Just Words in a Google Search Result’.

With the introduction of Google’s knowledge graph, voice recognition, and smart digital assistant.

Journalist Rolfe Winkler gives a glimpse of Google Now that demonstrates the power of Big Data and Predictive Analytics:  “With a user’s permission, the tool can read a flight itinerary inside a Gmail inbox, ping an airline’s website for the flight’s status and send a message if the flight is delayed. Reading a shipping notification, Google Now can identify the tracking number, reach out to the shipper’s website and provide the estimated arrival date. Seeing the address of a user’s next appointment on her Google Calendar, it can tap real-time traffic data to recommend when to leave.”

If you have not experienced this, it is quite remarkable.

Since Google’s IPO, the company has vastly improved the quality of search results., the company, and The Wall Street Journal provide a snapshot of search results 2000, 2002 and 2014.

Source:  The Wall Street Journal and, the company.

Source: The Wall Street Journal and, the company.

To read this outstanding article on the Wall Street Journal’s web site, click here.

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