WSJ – Firms Use Artificial Intelligence to Tap Shoppers’ Views


Today’s Wall Street Journal profiles several companies who have rolled out fascinating artificial intelligence software to assist marketers.

The WSJ article features Luminoso, hatched out of MIT’s media lab.  As WSJ journalist Evelyn Rusli notes that Luninoso is “part of a larger effort to use artificial intelligence to dig deeper into the minds of consumers by analyzing focus groups and surveys, online forums and social media. Luminoso’s software draws from a large database of common knowledge and relationships (such as, “the sun is hot”) to understand how words and phrases relate to each other.”

The article reference Michelle Goetz, a Forrester analyst who remarks that  “the technology will need to mature more before brands are convinced of its value. Companies are looking for software that will be able to analyze and act in real time, without any handholding, immediately affecting marketing campaigns and purchasing decisions. “When they can act on behalf of marketers during engagement, this will be the tipping point for growth and value,” she said.”

The article is well worth reading for Big Data marketers.

To read the full article on the Wall Street Journal web site, click here.

By Nick Mavrick

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