WSJ – Big Data and the Visionary Power of Change


Excellent WSJ article on ‘Big Data and the Visionary Power of Change’.  The article is precise and worth

Randy Bean, CEO of NewVantage partners (a Big Data and Business Strategy Consulting Firm) highlights a short list for those seeking to quickly, and vastly improve their understanding of Big Data and
its potential.

Books on Big Data – Worth Reading:

  • ‘Big Data @ Work’ by Tom Davenport.
  • ‘Secrets of Analytical Leaders’ by Wayne Eckerson.

Picture of Big Data @ Work by Tom Davenport Picture of Secrets of Analytical Leaders by Wayne Eckerson

(I would add to this list ‘Big Data Marketing’ by Lisa Arthur).

If you need a refresher on high tech marketing, re-read ‘Crossing the Chasm’ by Geoffrey Moore, who’s insight are captured in the article.

The article also includes several insightful nuggets from Mr. Bean’s interviews with luminaries from Flybridge Capital Partners (Jeff Bussgang) and MIT’s Media Lab (Sandy Pentland).  Fascinating nuggets on companies like DataXu and Turn, and commentary on how “scientists are discovering that we can begin to explain many things—financial crashes,
revolutions, panics—that previously appeared to be random events”.

To read the full article on the Wall Street Journal’s web site, click here.

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