WSJ – Analytics for Revenue Growth Lags in Big Data Push


Early this week, the Wall Street Journal published an insightful article on how ‘Analytics for Revenue Growth Lags in Big Data Push’.

The article features insights and mini case studies Molex and Casears Entertainment.  Molex, a manufacturer of electronic components, implemented Vendavo for price management and as a price optimization tool for their salesforce.

Caesar Entertainment uses its Big Data analytics to manage the ‘persuadable moments’ of when a gambler might leave the gambling tables.  The article notes that “Caesars can now track 80% of gaming activity back to a specific customer – compared with 30% to 40% several years ago.”  

The article quotes Ron Bodkin, CEO of Think Big Analytics who sagely notes that “there needs to be increased interest in the overall change management and organizational design for enterprises to become more data-driven,” he said.

To read this excellent article by Michael Hickins of the WSJ, click here.

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