Washington Post -Vultures on K Street? Yes, birds of feather

Logo-for-Washington-PostAs the mid-term elections approach in Washington DC, a little humor in the world of public affairs and digital advocacy is often needed.

However, today’s Washington Post featured a serious article, about a serious threat –  ‘Vultures on K Street? Yes, birds of a feather flock together’ that you may want to take the time to read.

Journalist Theresa Vargas writes –

“Tell people two vultures have made a home at the intersection of K and 11th streets in Northwest Washington, and they will likely ask the same question Charlie Dewitt did on a recent afternoon.”

“The bird variety?” he wondered.

It is K Street after all, renowned for office buildings filled with highly paid, powerful lobbyists who, along with others in the city’s political food chain, are often called scavengers — and worse.”

With Iraq, Afghanistan, House Majority Leader Cantor, and the Tea Party on the city’s minds this week, the serious threat of vultures nesting on K street cannot be ignored as yet another apocalyptic event.  Maybe, just maybe vulture sightings may spur unity, fiscal responsibility and compromise.

As Ms. Vargas writes, “One Department of Homeland Security employee who asked not to be identified, undoubtedly because he’s not authorized to discuss vultures, suggested they were “after Obama’s political appointees.””

Providing an alternative viewpoint, she quotes Bill Miller, chief lobbyist for the Business Roundtable who wonders “if Washington’s partisan gridlock had drawn the birds to K Street – “I suppose you could make the case,” he said, “there is a lot more dead legislation than alive.””

It may be, just the time, for our government to start working together.

To read the full article on the Washington Post web site, click here.

By Nick Mavrick

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