Washington Post – New Line of Upscale Starbucks Stores to Take Coffee to Luxurious Heights

Starbucks IconVery insightful Washington Post article – ‘New Line of Upscale Starbucks Stores to Take Coffee to Luxurious Heights‘ expounds why the company is the best at creating a customer experience.

Arguably one of the best marketing companies worldwide, Starbucks has once again taken the customer experience to new heights.  Journalist J.D. Harrison highlights how the company is launching the next generation of Starbucks.

Starbucks has announced the launch of “upscale stores pushing some of the rarest types of coffee from around the world, starting with a Willy ­Wonka-esque roastery and retail behemoth”. The first Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room will feature “two coffee bars, a restaurant, a bustling coffee factory, a two-story library and a theater.”

The Experience Economy by Joseph Pine and James Gilmore

The Experience Economy

In their ground-breaking book (that has now become a management classic), The Experience Economy,  Joseph Pine and James Gilmore highlight how the the most advanced business sell an experience, rather than a service.

“Pine and Gilmore contend that the USA is fast becoming “an experience economy” in which all successful businesses must sell an experience; an economy where we turn our businesses into theatrical stages for an experience to occur.” (Contrarian Marketing, Page 107)

Starbucks has taken ‘selling an experience’ to new heights with their latest announcement.  Their execution in presence marketing is unparalleled and they are worth learning from.

Creating Brand Awareness Through Presence Marketing

At Intelligent Response, we are constantly working with our clients to engage their customers’ five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste) to create an experience.  A well-executed plan is not only cost-effective, but results in unparalleled customer loyalty, making each customer feel  significant, appreciated, liked and important.

As I write in Contrarian Marketing, “A trip to Disney World, for example, is an experience in the creation of lifelong memories. Their employees at all levels are trained as “dream weavers” selling not just a product, but an experience. Walt Disney realized that this was no easy task, “There is no magic to magic. It is all in the details.” (Contrarian Marketing, Page 105 and 106).  Starbuck’s execution of the details is unrivaled.

What has led to Starbuck’s “phenomenal success?  It has been more than just a good cup of coffee. “It was their genius in turning a pedestrian commodity (coffee) into a pleasant life experience”.

“This is the theater of coffee,” say Liz Muller, creative vice president of global design, who oversaw store construction this past year” (USA today, Starbucks Goes Upscale with Fancy Coffee Emporium, December 5, 2014).

USA Today Features Tour of Starbuck’s New Emporium

The USA Today’s video on Starbuck’s new emporium is worth watching.

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To read, ‘Line of Upscale Starbucks Stores to Take Coffee to Luxurious Heights’ on the Washington Post web site, click here.

To read, ‘Starbucks Goes Upscale with Fancy Coffee Emporium’ on the USA Today web site, click here.

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