Wall Street Journal Article – Inside the Executive Brain


Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal featured a fascinating article – ‘Inside the Executive Brain’ by journalists Andrew Blackman that refers to research on the prefrontal cortex and other areas of the brain under demanding situations. This excellent WSJ article gives a peak into the world of neurofeedback whereby executives can benchmark and retrain their brains to advance their leadership skills.

The article references the world of neuroimaging and ground breaking research that is being done on the brain.  Notably, the article references how the research “promises to provide a much clearer view of how leaders make good choices, and how other people can learn to follow their example.

Notably, the article highlights:

  1. If you want innovation, “be wary of deadlines”.
  2. How “big unknowns lead to bad choices”.
  3. How “good thinkers look past facts”.
  4. Why “leaders should stay positive’.

The article makes the case of how the best leaders can not only think several moves ahead, but can leverage their analytic and emotional insights as a force multiplier to shape outcomes.

To read the full article on the Wall Street Journal’s web site, click here.

By Nick Mavrick

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