Proudly Supporting Our Veterans at the 2014 Warrior Games

Colorado Springs - September 28 - October 4, 2014

Colorado Springs – September 28 – October 4, 2014

Please join Intelligent Response as proud supporter of our veterans in the the 2014 Warrior Games taking place in Colorado Springs from September 28 to October 4.

Every day, we are often reminded of the devotion & sacrifice of our nation’s veterans who call to mind that ‘freedom is not free’.  A heroes account is captured in an excellent Washington Post article this past week – ‘A Marine Mom Seeks the Terrible Details of Her Son’s Death in Iraq’.

Journalist Petula Dvorak writes of Amy Wolfe, a mother who’s son Colin paid the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq in 2006.  The article captures “the silent suffering of the veterans who survived” via Colin’s fellow service member and American Hero- Steve Hill.

To capture the essence of our nation’s heroes, their sacrifice, and suffering, read how the Wolfe family and Steve Hill met:

  • “Hill met the Wolfes at Colin’s grave. He was there, in Arlington, visiting the friends he lost in combat. And he saw this nice couple walking toward the grave. And he tried to leave. “I’m like, please don’t be coming here. Please don’t be Colin’s parents,” Hill said.”
Picture of the Korean War Memorial in Washington DC and Freedom is Not Free

The inscription on the Korean War Memorial reads “Freedom is Not Free”.

As a nation, we cannot do enough to remember or honor the sacrifice of our service members and heroes.  Please visit the Warrior Games Family Program web site, and consider volunteering or attending.  May God continue to bless the United States of America and our nation’s heroes who remind us that ‘Freedom is Not Free’.

To read the full article on the Washington Post web site, click here.

By Nick Mavrick

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