Data Research Services

Data Research Services at Intelligent Response

Data Research Services

At Intelligent Response, we offer a full range of customer data services that will enable your sales, marketing & technology teams to leverage your organization’s intelligence.

Through Big Data Segmentation, we provide your front-line organization with actionable tools that they will use in their day-to-day interactions with customers and prospects.

Sales & Marketing Dashboards

Every week, we will provide your team with a dashboard highlighting changes in your customer base over the past year. The dashboards include recommended actions based upon trends that are occurring within your customer base.

Quarterly, we will provide your team with a dashboard showing projections for your customers and prospects within each Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA’s) that you do business in. The dashboards show projections for the value of econometric data for your area, overall GDP, employment, and total employment by numerous categories; econometric data elements that are most important in your markets. Additionally, you will also receive GDP data for multiple categories.

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Corporate Giving Commitment

At Intelligent Response, we believe that to whom much has been given, must is expected in return. We support a number of philanthropic causes via pro-bono services, donations, and by creating awareness.