Hispanic Target Marketing & Web Content Development

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Hispanic Target Marketing & Web Content Development

In Web Content Development, the develop of significant amounts of high-quality content is essential to succeeding on the Internet.  With our assistance, our clients are target marketing to Hispanics by utilizing our Advanced Translation Services and Hispanic expertise.

Approximately 17% (53 Million in 2012) of the population of the United States (313.9 Million in 2012) is Hispanic with numerous dialects based on origin.  In 2060, the Hispanic population is projected to grow to 128.8 Million.

In many industry’s, such as construction, Hispanics represent over 1/3 of the work force.

Intelligent Response rapidly develops significant amounts of Web Content tailored to our clients Hispanic customers, in their dialect.  Our writers have advanced degrees, so you rest assured that their work is outstanding, and will be done rapidly, cost-effectively and with unrivaled quality.

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Corporate Giving Commitment

At Intelligent Response, we believe that to whom much has been given, must is expected in return. We support a number of philanthropic causes via pro-bono services, donations, and by creating awareness.