Excellent HBR Article on Implications of Big Data on Advertising

In March of 2013, HBR published an excellent article on the implications of Big Data on Advertising.  Entitled “Advertising Analytics 2.0”, by Wes Nichols.  Its an excellent  quick study guide for understanding how Big Data affects advertisers.

The article sagely notes that “Combined with a handful of time-honored measurement techniques—consumer surveys, focus groups, media-mix models, and last-click attribution—such outmoded methods have lulled many marketers into complacency.”  Moreover, the article highlights “They mistakenly think they have a handle on how their advertising actually affects behavior and drives revenue. But that approach is backward-looking: It largely treats advertising touch points—in-store and online display ads, TV, radio, direct mail, and so on—as if each works in isolation.”

To read this excellent article, visit the Harvard Business Review web site.

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