Contrarian: A person Who Typically Acts or Thinks in a Way Contrary to Popular Opinion

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By Nick Mavrick

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Excerpt from the Contrarian Marketing Book – Introduction:

Contrarian:  noun:

A person who typically acts or thinks in a way contrary to popular, accepted opinion or prevailing wisdom.

-Merriam-Webster Dictionary

“Big trouble: That’s how we ended the first decade of the 21st century, most economists agree. Housing bubbles out of control, risky investments, over-the-top customer spending, huge indebtedness, high unemployment, and mismanagement of the macro economy by those who should have known better. The list goes on and so does the end result: a severe recession from which, in 2013, we are still struggling to recover. You should prepare you for more economic instability ahead.

I believe that being a contrarian, someone who takes a different path, is a smart move in business today.  I’ve conducted thousands of successful marketing campaigns and witnessed many in which companies set out to satisfy a wide range of customers that decide to try their services, buy their products, or simply walk through the door. Many of these tried-and-true marketing practices no longer work in managing customer relationships.

While still a powerful engine of productivity, the U.S. economy took a major hit in the last decade, and so did many businesses. Some survived. Some did not. All were impacted, good or bad, which leads to some important marketing questions:

In your business, would you market differently if you knew how much revenue and profits were created by the top ten, or 20 percent, of your customers? What if you learned that five percent of your customers generated over 70 percent of your revenue & profits? How would you market to the inverse (also know as the Long Tail)?  Or that your top customers’ life-time value was five times or ten times larger than that of your average customer? Would you become a “contrarian” marketer if going against the grain would help you survive a dangerous world economy?”

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