Picture of Confidentiality Agreement for Intelligent Response

Intelligent Response Confidentiality Agreement

It is understood and agreed  that confidential information may provide certain information that is and must be kept confidential. To ensure the protection of such information, and to preserve any confidentiality necessary under patent and/or trade secret laws, it is agreed that

1. The Confidential Information to be disclosed can be described as and includes:

Invention description(s), technical and business information relating to proprietary ideas and inventions, ideas, patentable ideas, trade secrets, drawings and/or illustrations, patent searches, existing and/or contemplated products and services, research and development, production, costs, profit and margin information, finances and financial projections, customers, clients, patient information, marketing, and current or future business plans and models, regardless of whether such information is designated as “Confidential Information” at the time of its disclosure.

2. Both parties agree not to disclose the confidential information obtained from the client to anyone unless required to do so by US law.

3. Intelligent Response does not use or sub-contract programmers, coders or designers outside of the United States and is fully compliant with the “FCPA” 15 U.S.C. §§ 78dd-1.

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Corporate Giving Commitment

At Intelligent Response, we believe that to whom much has been given, must is expected in return. We support a number of philanthropic causes via pro-bono services, donations, and by creating awareness.