A. John Maragos

A. John Maragos

A. John Maragos, Director

A. John Maragos is a fundraising professional with Intelligent Response. He is also an economics, finance, marketing, and action learning consultant (focusing primarily on non-profits). He helps clients gather, analyze, and evaluate data, and then assess, adapt, and handle their challenges in their various environments with increasing effectiveness in the post-2008 “new normal”, in the more chaotic scenarios that they confront today.

John has been consulting for over twenty-seven years– using marketing, economic, and financial strategies taught at Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, and using consultative, action learning strategies taught both at the Harvard Graduate Schools of Education and Business (by Dr. Chris Argyris) and at the MIT Sloan School of Management (by Dr. Donald Schön).

John not only studies clients’ problems and opportunities in depth, but he also collaboratively designs and implements action strategies with them to increase the effectiveness of their reasoning, learning, and action, and then to both monitor and control their risks, and also capitalize on the opportunities in their chaotic environments.


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Corporate Giving Commitment

At Intelligent Response, we believe that to whom much has been given, must is expected in return. We support a number of philanthropic causes via pro-bono services, donations, and by creating awareness.